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Welcome to a special edition of Rainbow Auckland's newsletter!
Keeping you informed about relevant LGBTQI+ business and community news,
plus what’s happening at Rainbow Auckland.

The Annual General Meeting of Rainbow Auckland is to be held on:
Wednesday 5 June 2019, 
6:30 – 7:30pm 
The Oakroom, 17 Drake Street, Victoria Park 

Nominations and motions for the AGM are now closed.
Rainbow Auckland AGM Agenda 
  1. Welcome
  2. Community announcements
  3. Open AGM at 6:30pm
  4. Apologies 
  5. Business ordinary resolutions 
  •  i. Minutes from AGM, 4 July 2018
  •  ii. President’s report
  •  iii. Treasurer’s report tabled
  •  iv. Acknowledgements 
  1. Special Resolutions
  2. Election of Officers
    One nomination received for President. Six of the remaining Executive members will continue.
  3. Close AGM

Nomination for the President Role:


Richard Burt 
Richard, born in Christchurch, comes from an Education background of Fine Arts, holding both a B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and a Graduate Teaching Diploma. From this, he has worked as a High School Teacher, for New Zealand Artist, Darryn George, and for long standing Art Dealership Gallery in Christchurch, Brooke Gifford Gallery during his formative years.

Richard now currently works for Sotheby’s International Realty in Parnell. Richard is an effective communicator, has a high level of professionalism while maintaining politeness, keeping a balance of respect. Being proactive rather than being reactive. Translating this to Rainbow Auckland would be managing a stress, hassle-free process by listening to needs and wants.

Put simply a stance of growth and maintaining membership would be a top priority for Richard with Rainbow Auckland. This would be trying to reach members of the community who do not feel they can join or those who do not feel a connection with Rainbow Auckland. 

Richard Burt. BFA, GradDip T

Continuing Executive

Andie Morton
Andie is staying on the Executive for the 2019/20 year and currently looks after the membership database and subscriptions. They work in IT and is an Agile Scrum Master and Project Management consultant. They are non-binary and their goal is to help increase the diversity of Rainbow Auckland attendance and membership.

Dean Campbell
Dean is staying on the Executive for the 2019/20 year. He currently represents the Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust on the Rainbow Auckland Executive and passes information between the two groups. Dean works in sales and his focus on the Executive is to keep developing Rainbow Auckland to be an inclusive space for professionals in Auckland to network.

Rawiri Te Hurinui-Haumaha
Rawiri is intending to stay with the Executive for the 2019/20 year in assisting with Events, currently employed as a Programme Facilitator with Rainbow Tick and a student to his life experiences.

He comes from an adopted family of six and a birth family of eight. Previously, he was employed in the public service advising on policy, procedures in a verbal and written context. “In a Māori context, I would identify myself as takatāpui, to Pākeha I would say Non-binary.”

Raniera (Danz) Teira
Danz is an Auckland-based artist, of Māori and Pakeha decent, having lived in New Zealand and Australia; with strong links to his cultural Te Ao Māori side and family (Whakawhanaungatanga).

Studied Business at AUT. Passionate about seeing NZ being a world leader in fostering and creating a Rainbow-friendly Community environment that works in harmony as one unified society (Kotahitanga), where acceptance, inclusion and diversity is a way of life for all. Favourite quote: 'Every day is an adventure! The decision is yours.'

Rohan Fozzy
Rohan is a young passionate individual who’s leading the charge in both workplaces and communities alike. Currently employed at The Warehouse Group in information technology. Rohan brings a knowledge of information management systems, incident management skills.

Personal statement: “I believe that our community is the voice of change within the world, we need to understand each other for all the differences we have and learn to appreciate these to then support ourselves and others. We have shaped Human Rights as a country back on September 19, 1893 when woman were given their rights to vote. But the fight for equality for everyone does not stop there and we need to continue our progress. I feel it’s my duty to use my voice for good and support people in the correct way."

Zakk d’Larté
Zakk joined the Executive in 2016 with a background in design + youth advocacy. Born and raised in Auckland, he is a designer at heart and has nearly seven years’ experience working with print and digital media. As well as being on the Auckland Pride Festival Board, Zakk remains committed to bringing fresh and innovative ideas to Rainbow Auckland. 

He prides himself as being a young person with conviction and a vision to impact and empower youth around the world to take a stand in their communities and be catalysts for change. He is an artistic, focused and detail-oriented individual with a desire to make a difference.
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